I am a wife and mother, a full time student, coach and I work full time! I know what busy is and I am okay with that, because busy keeps me going. I love to workout, especially Crossfit and run. I am training for a full marathon and I also do Triathlons! I love to be active and outside! We are Steelers fans and Love Sports!!!


I have a lot of random thoughts that go through my head on a regular basis and so I decided to share those. Love it or leave it, I do not care! Just do not be rude! I am putting myself out there to you!


I am messy and creative, and I hate cleaning! I love to cook, and LOVE food, but I rarely cook, because it takes time, that of which I do not have a lot.

I worked in television for 10 years, before leaving the business to do Marketing and Communications for a non-profit! When that didn’t go as planned I decided to head back to school to become an English Teacher! I will student teach in the fall! Now I’m working as a Marketing/Event Planner for a Non-Profit, as a Dance Studio Coordinator, and as a Producer! Not only that, but I have over 30 children… that I coach!!! High School Dance!